A Very Brief Introduction

I created this blog as part of a project for my Digital Humanities course at the University of Lethbridge. The intent of this series is to provide resource materials on academic blogging, as well as to introduce some of the trending themes and conversations that are happening across the internet in regards to this topic.

The point of this blog series is to start to craft a conversation around why academic blogging is relevant to Digital Humanities. My premise behind my thinking is rather simple in this regard. Digital technologies, in this case blogs, are changing the way in which we engage in post-secondary pedagogy and scholarly research.  Specifically, blogs provide a medium by which academics can disseminate information at a unprecedented rate. As such, blogging has, and will continue to, become a vital means of scholarly discourse.
You will find two main elements on this blog site. 

1. Four larger posts listed here. These range from 1,000 to 1,500 words each and deal with some of the more salient issues concerning academic blogging.  I have also linked all of the resources that I encountered, cited, or found relevant to these conversations. Simply click on the links and they will direct you to further readings.

2.  Four smaller posts that contain research material, or videos that I found particularly useful in this study.


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